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InDepth has experience in professional film making, editing, and photography and we love being behind a camera.  Our passion is evident when we tell our stories through video. Working with some of the top companies in the DC, Mid-Atlantic area, we have defined our expertise and established a creative and reliable role as a wonderful storyteller in the industry.  InDepth is the east coast's best kept secret.


With a drive to be the best, InDepth always focuses on creativity, elegance, reliability, and professionalism.


All of the InDepth Photo & Video team members share the same passion and drive for excellence.  To provide a more "InDepth" look for their customers, their goal is to offer the best experience and best visual story.


Dedication and commitment to satisfaction help them truly understand their clients’ needs to provide a 5-star level of service.

InDepth Photo & Video COPYRIGHT © 2016.

The Mission of IN DEPTH PHOTO & VIDEO is to create a personalized 5-star business relationship with our clients, understand their needs and objectives, and produce a piece that exceeds their expectations.  A crew based out of Dallas captured this great footage, and we were lucky enough to put it together. Evening at Renaissance is a great social event bringing the community together for a night of fine dining, drinks, and live music. So go ahead, celebrate your neighborhood with Evenings at Renaissance.

Local talent J Pope & Funk Friday constantly calls for ZipCar to give them the wheels to transport their gear and become the first rendition of ZipSongs presented by Zipcar. They stopped by to play their featured track, “Bullets over Bread.” A touching track about desperate choices influenced by poverty with an exclusive interview.

A two-day workshop for multiple departments at the Marriott International Headquarters, a specialist company was brought in to teach a new way of thinking and working together in teams.  It was an innovative method that opened the eyes of many participants.  We created this piece as a motivational recap of their experience.  Our team captured all the activities and exercises live, on-site.  We then brought it all back to the studio, and using live video and creating the animated graphics, put this piece together for their marketing team.

This swank event was held at Arena Stage in DC to showcase AFR’s capabilities of transforming any space of many different forms, by using their furniture and decor.  Their “50 Shades of Grey” event was captured by the InDepth crew and we created a highly energetic recap of their evening, which was used on their website and social media outlets.  A fun piece for sure, it definitely showed all aspects of the evening and the great time had by all.

What better event to capture than an event with awesome food.  Centralized around the World of Ramen, chef’s from all over DC came to showcase their talents in a kitchen space, designed for small food companies to rent on an as-needed basis.  The space was showcased, but the main feature that night was the food.  All vendors involved had a blast and they had a great turnout of invited guests.  We loved capturing the food prep with video and a time lapse, as well as partaking in the fine dining.  Not going to lie, we love to eat.  The InDepth crew fought over who could film this one.

This is our third project with the Running Start Organization.  Their ultimate goal is to teach young women how to get involved and make a difference.  They provide tremendous opportunity to many members and offer internships within the U.S. Congress.  It truly is an awesome program and we are always delighted to get involved with their projects. Whether it be for promotional purposes or capturing their live events, we love working with the Running Start team.

Held at Echo Stage, Nature of Design’s event brought down the house with extravagant costumes using floral elements throughout.  A runway show with models was a great way to launch their business. We made sure to get every element from the food and drinks to the costumes in front of house, as well as some behind the scenes.  They knocked it out of the park on this one.

The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group held a Women in Leadership Conference; it was our job to document, edit, and create graphics for their recap video. We find it important to capture the scope, because all time and care put into this conference was prominent.  Value, confidence, and choice were words that resonated throughout the group of attendees. It was an honor to document such an empowering and important event.

The Third Annual Canopy Awards Presented by Whole Foods Market welcomed more than 500 guests to Dock5 in D.C.’s historic Union Market District, to celebrate the contributions of five distinguished community leaders, who have selflessly dedicated their time and energy to boosting and protecting D.C.’s tree canopy. We got there before set up and captured a timelapse of the crew setting up the wonderful aesthetics and sections for the event. Of course we provided on screen graphics, and full coverage documenting every aspect of their beautiful evening.  It was a celebration for all they’ve done, and a call to action to keep progressing with a green initiative.

To document The 36th Anniversary of Refugees International Gala was no small task. As we always feel, it was an incredible responsibility to capture the messages spoken,  and the diverse groups of people coming together inside the vast auditorium of Andrew W. Mellon in Washington D.C. to speak for those who cannot. By ourselves we all felt small, but from the crew setting up the event, to the legislators, and Refugees International, together we can make a difference. We hope you enjoy their recap video where we provided full coverage of each speaker, provided graphics, and captured every elegant detail of such an important night. Thank you, Refugees International.

Central Maryland Regional Transit Travel Training informational video was such a cool learning experience on the opportunity they provide transit difficulties. Packed with moving graphics, split screen features, title cards, and exclusive interviews we helped CMRT clearly project their cause into a consumable easy to understand video on  opportunities people might not know exists. Going your way, CMRT.

We saw ourselves like flies on a wall. We didn’t want to disrupt the major work flow these ladies and gentlemen put in at the conference, but we were there documenting their recap video to make sure their efforts are not forgotten. From there we went back to the studio and pieced together the story from the great amount of coverage our team captured.




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